What Makes a Magnetic Energy Generator Tick??

There are several folk out there who are not quite sure about magnetic energy generators. They claim that it is not possible that a machine or device can be moving along and to not stop at all. Mostly, they disagree that there always has to be a source of energy to keep things going, like the wind or the sun or magnetic forces in the atmosphere. Although this is a fact, an perpetual motion motor should not be taken as a literal meaning. A perpetual motion machine may be non-existent if taken in its literal meaning. However, there are machines that will last as long as centuries and this is enough to be called “perpetual”.

A perpetual motion motor is a device used as a substitute power source. In numerous cases perpetual motors use magnets to form energy that might be converted into electricity. The only reason that these power motors are called perpetual is because they are able to run up to 400 years. In reality, no human being can live that long. This is the reason why the meaning of the  name is taken into context and not in its literal sense.

The way it works is through the properties of a magnet. You may have noted that magnets have the ability to repel one another. What this motor does is to have some variety of dual attraction. There are three magnets involved in which the third magnet pulls the different sides of the other two. Actually, magnets are fine being alone as they are or if they can stick with other magnets, But if you put magnets of opposing poles together, both magnets will resist each other more but both magnets will never come to terms with one another. This is what makes an magnetic energy generator tick. For as long as the magnets will resist one another, the motor will run and generate power for you.

Magnetic energy generators are becoming an enormously popular alternative power source for your house. As the technology becomes more refined, it is going to be one of the most cost-effective ways to power your house.

Magniwork is a magnetic energy generator. It is awfully simple and cheap to setup. You could power your entire home on only two of these devices!

Try the Magniwok plans here.


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