How to Make Free Electricity using a Magnetic Perpetual Motion Generator

As the environmental issue will grow more and more relevant in the near future, attempts to curb carbon emissions and the ability to change from standard sources of energy to green energy technologies will become distinguished. 2 such replenish-able energies are of course solar and windmill powers. Both are green and simple to implement, if a bit costly as a start up investment. Solar energy isn’t just acceptable to bright places but also to more overcast areas, making it a viable alternative option to the polluting power grids, while windmill power is more particularly superb for windy places. Both technologies have fluctuations in performance because of the consistently changing conditions in weather, temperature and also daily sunlight.

Magnetic Perpetual Motion

There is however a 3rd technology that has become available, also called zero energy because of its nil power consumption and 0 carbon emission in a year. It is magnetic perpetual motion power technology, which uses unlike pole magnets set on an axle repelling one another, thus causing the axle to spin in infinite motion, generating free energy. It’s a relatively straightforward technology to implement and widely known for a while but, as frequently is the case when gigantic profits and mass usage are at risk, there’s a coveted interest by the massive companies to keep the status quo and these technologies low key.

Unlike solar and windmill powers, a magnetic perpetual motion power generator has no variation in performance by its own very nature, providing a continued flow of energy, the ideal solution for household electricity needs, since it isn’t touched by weather. They can provide a saving of thirty percent to 100% on electricity bills depending on set up and generator size and, as a further benefit, are also extraordinarily safe, making them OK for families with kids. The device produces more energy then it consumes, which in turn will produce free energy and go on in principle forever, in fact when the bearings need replacement. Therefore there are no monthly electric bills to pay for, in best scenario.

After this disastrous recession driven by wasteful consumption and with the climate change changing into a pressing problem, if not a threat, the way forward for world economies and the world itself will rely more and more on replenish-able sources of energy. Many pros agree that by 2020 magnetic perpetual motion power generators will have a major role in energy saving, to the dismay of the huge energy firms depending on normal sources. Before that, it is certainly feasible to do something about it, like switching to these ecological sources of power, particularly magnetic power for its consistency in delivering electricity all year round in hot and cold weather and for its low start up costs.

This guide has been used successfully by thousands of people to make their very own magnetic perpetual motion generator.


2 Responses to “How to Make Free Electricity using a Magnetic Perpetual Motion Generator”

  1. Tony Miller Says:

    Am in South Africa and would kike to find out where I could obtain information on the design of these generators to try a DIY project

  2. lanekent7637 Says:

    Hello Tony. You can get these designs no matter where you are.


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